Tell Texas Lawmakers: Cap My Property Taxes!

Texas taxpayers should be given a vote on all property tax increases. Unfortunately, current state law does not afford this level of accountability to taxpayers.

Local governments can raise property taxes without ever needing approval from constituents, which has led to skyrocketing tax bills for homeowners and businesses. Even worse, local officials have hired expensive lobbyists with taxpayer dollars to fight against any and all reforms. This must stop.

Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker Bonnen have jointly supported legislation requiring local voter approval for all tax increases of 2.5 percent or more per year. They’ve also proposed that any tax election be held in November, in part, to maximize citizen participation, along with other transparency reforms to the system. 

Sign the petition and tell your state lawmakers to stand alongside Abbott, Patrick, Bonnen in support of legislation capping annual tax hikes to 2.5 percent or less, with automatic November elections!

Tell your state legislators that you demand they cap your property taxes! Tell them you want the rollback rate lowered to 2.5%!


Thank you for signing the petition supporting a 2.5 percent property tax cap! We’ll print your petition and hand-deliver it to your state representative and state senator’s Capitol office. 

Do you have friends and family who are also concerned about out-of-control property taxes? Encourage them to make their voice heard!

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Hello, my name is [FIRST NAME] and I am from [TOWN] I’m calling to tell Representative/Senator [LASTNAME] to repeal the Robin Hood tax.

Texans’ property taxes are the fourth-highest in the nation and the ever-increasing tax burden is forcing citizens out of their homes. By passing a strong constitutional spending limit and dedicating surplus revenues to phasing out the Robin Hood property tax we can alleviate this burden and cut homeowners tax bills in half. Without raising taxes.

Can I count on Representative/Senator [LASTNAME] to lead on this issue in the next legislative session?

Thank you for your time.