Tell Texas Lawmakers: Take Control of the Alamo!

The Alamo is a sacred shrine, made so by the blood of brave men who gave their lives for the cause of liberty. Texans believe the Alamo must be protected and preserved.

As the San Antonio City Council prepares to vote on a lease of the Alamo site to the state of Texas, citizens must demand that the liberal bureaucrats in one city should not be allowed to dictate the future of the sacred battlefield.

The Texas Legislature must pass legislation seizing control and authority over the entire Alamo battlefield, including existing structures and surrounding areas. The Alamo should not be held hostage by the city of San Antonio.

Sign the petition today. Tell your representatives to take control over the Alamo and preserve the cradle of Texas liberty!

Tell your Texas legislators to take control over the Alamo and preserve the cradle of Texas liberty!

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Here's a sample script to use...

Hello, I’m calling to inform Representative/Senator [LASTNAME] of my concern about the future of the Alamo.

My name is [NAME] and I am from [TOWN].
The legislature should pass legislation during the upcoming session to take control, oversight, and accountability over the entire Alamo battlefield and surrounding areas. The Alamo is a sacred shrine and the cradle of Texas liberty. It belongs to all Texans, not just to the citizens of San Antonio and their representatives on the San Antonio City Council. Can I count on Representative to lead on this issue in the next legislative session?

Thank you for your time.